My Dainese base layers

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Riding in the winter is always more hazardous as you are more likely to encounter slippery roads and bad weather so the last thing you need is to be feeling cold which will then affect your concentration levels. Research has shown that keeping the main part of your body warm will in turn keep parts like your hands and feet warm therefore showing the importance of your base layers.

I have to admit I do feel the cold when riding my bike which is why I love my Keis heated vest as it keeps me warm and toasty. However this on it’s own would not be enough. 

Underneath I wear Dainese D-Core Thermo long sleeve shirt (approx. £60) and leggings (approx. £55). When I got them out the box I seriously thought they had been wrongly packaged and they were for a toddler but they are made of a stretchy material and when you put them on they stretch nicely over your body and are a really good fit. 

More importantly they keep me warm both on and off the bike – I wear them under my ‘normal clothes’ for walking the dog and general day to day wear. According to the label the temperature range is -20 degrees C to 10 degrees C. I have not tested them in extreme cold but for the use I put them to, they are perfect for me.

The material they are made of mean that they are anti-odor, which is always a plus point. Every time I wear them I pop them in the wash (they have been washed an awful lot of times) and they come out just as new each time and certainly for me, washing them regularly hasn’t affected the quality of them and I have been using them for a couple of years now.

Before I found these I tried various different thermals but I can definitely say I have found these to be my favourite.