My MotoGirl Leggings

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I’m afraid this ones for the girls only. MotoGirl leggings. My leggings are sooooo comfortable and they offer the protection I need when riding my bike.  

They are full Kevlar with knee protection. I think you can get hip protection too but I haven’t got that in mine. They cost about £130 and are definitely a great purchase.

I find them so comfortable to wear and use them all year round. I especially like them in the summer as they are lightweight and in the colder months I just wear a pair of ordinary leggings underneath to give me a bit more heat.

I have a zip connector belt which I purchased from Bike Stop in Stevenage that goes through the belt loops so I can zip my leather Dainese jacket to the leggings which, I believe, offers me protection and comfort when riding. The connector belt cost about £35.

I have had my MotoGirl leggings a couple of years now and they had faded somewhat, I assume due to the regular washing they receive.

After speaking to someone on the MotoGirl stand at the last bike show, it was suggested that I pop them in the washing machine with a packet of black dye. Wow! The black colour was restored and they look as good as new.