A cheeky birthday ride out ……

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A friend messaged to say it was his birthday the following day and he fancied a ride out, was I about to go with him? Heck yes, got to make the most of the great weather.

The roads were dry and it was soooo great to be out, we passed a few other bikers on the way who must have been happy to be out on their bikes to as most of them nodded back!

We set off towards Aylesbury and then picked up the A413 and headed out through Hardwick into Winslow, and carried into Whitchurch. We stuck with the A413 through Padbury and then came into Buckingham. Once you get out of the villages, the A413 is really good on the bike, nice sweeping bends and a few straight bits too.

Once we got to Buckingham we then headed left on the A422 through Bufflers Holt and Westbury into Brackley. 

A few places along here are quite bumpy with an uneven road service but it is very pretty and a nice ride.

There’s a lovely little cafe in Brackley that we knew was open for takeaway (and there is a bike shop next door which makes it all the more appealing) so we decided to make our way there to start with.

We parked up in Brackley and headed to the cafe to order our bacon rolls and coffee. Perfect.

Not far from the cafe is a park so wondered there and sat on the grass in the sunshine. What a perfect way to spend a morning – riding, eating and chatting with your mates.

After a couple of coffees we checked out the bike shop. What a great selection of bikes and a great range of prices too to suit all budgets. We did spend a little while in here ooing and ahhing over what bikes we would have in the garage.

My friend is looking for an Aprilia Falco and they just happened to have one in the shop, it was in great condition, good mileage, obviously been very well looked after – perfect. Out came my friend’s wallet ready to buy it only to find the person who had left the shop before we came in had just purchased it. My friend was gutted 🙁

Another ride was needed to ease the disappointment so we got back on the bikes and headed off.

We headed back the way we came but were on the lookout for a coffee stop (can never have too many of them) and we stopped in Winslow where we found a Turkish restaurant doing takeaway food including coffee. Perfect.

We were outside drinking our coffee when a couple of other bikers rode past and saw that we had coffee so turned around and came back. Unfortunately, one of the guys who was on a KTM, turned around on an elevated driveway and he lost his footing and dropped his bike!!!

Luckily only a few scratches to the bike but nothing major, I think the poor guy was more embarrassed than anything. Unfortunately we’ve all done it but that fact doesn’t make it better when you’ve just dropped your bike in front of people!

After another coffee (I know right, going to be buzzing from all that caffeine!) we headed back home.

The weather was definitely on our side and it was sooo good to be out and about making the most of it.

Great ride, great coffee, can’t wait for the next ride.