My new bike – CB1000R

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So I sold the MV and was looking for something else but wasn’t quite sure what it was that I wanted.

A couple of years back I had a test ride on a Triumph Thruxton R and gelled with it straightaway and I knew it was right for me but in the end decided that they were just too expensive for me. I did look at seeing if I could get one now but they are still holding their value. One day I will get my Thruxton.

A friend of mine has a CB1000R and when I was out with him the other week we swapped bikes. Wow! I loved it. We parked up and I had a huge grin on my face. I knew then that I would be looking on the internet when I got home for one.

There were quite a few for sale but a black and red one caught my eye. I made some enquiries, asked a few questions and arranged to see it.

It was a bit of a trek for me to go and see it (a 6 hour round trip), my o/h drove me in the car, so I took my leathers with me in case I decided I wanted it as if I did I would be riding it home that day.

In the advert I could see it had red wheels and on enquiry found out that the back wheel was a vfr wheel and both wheels had been powder coated to match the red paintwork. I was a little undecided as to whether I could live with the wheels.

Well we got there and saw it parked up and I knew straightaway that I would be riding it home. The pictures in the advert did not do the bike justice, it looked far better in person. I was smitten and the wheels look fantastic.

Now when I bought the MV the o/h was not with me and I literally just liked the look of it and the sound of it when the chap started it up and bought it on that basis. Luckily there was nothing mechanically wrong so I got away it.

This time the o/h checked the bike over for me and asked a lot of questions (!) before giving me the nod that it was okay to buy. I agreed a price with the chap and sorted out the paperwork. After taxing and insuring it, off I rode.

Well, I knew within half a mile that I had made the right choice. Not only did it sound awesome but it was so easy to ride and very smooth and it kinda went well too. I was riding along and realised that I was grinning.

Luckily the chap that owned the bike before had put on a few little extras namely:

* ASV levers;

* changed the standard exhaust for a noisy Delkevic which pops and bangs nicely and had the CAT removed;

* crash bungs;

* heated grips (I have never had these on any of my bikes before so I am excited to test these out);

* the Mettzler tyres are practically new too;

* a Puig front screen;

* a small carbon rear hugger;

* a belly pan;

* a tail tidy.

I shared the riding on the way back with the o/h so he could see what he thought of it too. Unfortunately for me he absolutely loves it too and keeps muttering that it would make a good replacement for his Fazer.

I think I’m going to have to tie the CB down so it doesn’t migrate over to the other side of the garage.

The following morning, the sun was shining so I went out for a ride on the CB. I must have been enjoying myself as it was mid afternoon by the time I got back.

There are a couple of things that I would like to do to the CB:

* take the pillion seat off and replace it with a cowl;

* remove the rear footpegs (I do not take pillion);

* possibly change the end can for a carbon end can as I think this would look better with the black paintwork but I do love the sound of the exhaust that is on there so I will think about that one;

* possibly some billet reservoirs for the brake and clutch as the standard plastic ones are, how can I put it, fugly!

I should think that after riding it for a while there will be other things that crop up that I will think might be nice to add/change but right now all I want to do is just get back on it and go back out.

I’ll keep you posted of the tweaks I make to the CB.