Richa Toulon 2 Ladies Jacket Review

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The Richa Toulon 2 ladies motorcycle jacket is tailored for women with stretch panels down the sides and arms to give that perfect fit.

The jacket comes with a detachable hood which is perfect for when you get caught in a shower whilst parked up on the bike.


  • Class AA garment under the CE standard EN17092
  • CE Armor in shoulders, elbows and back as standard
  • Detachable hood
  • Lightweight
  • Range of sizes and colours
  • Stretch panels


  • Short connector zip
  • Price


  • Manufacturer: Richa
  • Price: (When Tested) £330
  • Made In: Pakistan
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Brown
  • Sizes: 34 to 48
  • Review Period: September – February 2023

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Richa Toulon 2 Ladies Jacket  

I was at my local bike dealer, On Yer Bike, checking out their ladies clothing and one particular jacket caught my eye – the Richa Toulon 2 jacket. I was really taken with this jacket as soon as I tried it on and the jacket ended up coming home with me so I could review it.

The Toulon ladies jacket from Richa is made from 100% cow leather which gives the jacket a supple and lightweight feel to it. There are stretch panels down either side of the jacket carrying on down the arms too allowing for flexibility and that little bit of extra stretch where us ladies need it.

Detailing on the rear of the jacket

When the jacket is zipped up, it feels like it is moulded to my body, it feels comfortable to wear right from when you put the jacket on, there is no need to wear the jacket around the house to ‘break it in’ before riding on the bike with it on, it’s good to go straightaway.

The bottom rear of the jacket has some very nice detailing in the same colour as the jacket and just on either side are waist adjustment straps secured by a choice of two poppers to make allowances for when you’ve stopped on your ride out for cake!

Fabric hood

A classic rolled style collar is complimented with a fabric hood which is detachable with a zip that goes round the length of the collar. The collar can be fastened with a single branded popper which goes just to the side.

There is a stretch panel down the inside of each arm which gives you that little bit of extra stretch when riding the bike adding to the comfort of the jacket. There is a zip on each sleeve and the cuffs are fastened with a branded popper.

Adding to the style of the jacket is a white leather strip detail on each arm which is what drew me to the jacket when I first saw it at On Yer Bike, it is a very distinctive and stylish jacket.

About Richa

Established some 70 years ago when Charles Rigaux started manufacturing leather gloves, with the brand founded in 1956 by Julien Rigaux with the name inspired by his father’s name: Rigaux Charles.

Julien’s son, Luc Rigaux, who is an avid motorcyclist started to make motorcycle clothing in 1977 with Richa opening its first foreign production site in Tunisia in 1982 followed by Pakistan in 1990.

2011 saw the first certified Gore-Tex gloves being made with Richa clothing becoming Gore-Tex certified in 2015. Richa’s partnership with D30 protectors began in 2014 and by 2019 they were exporting to 50 countries.

The entire Richa collection became EN17092 certified in 2021. Richa has grown somewhat from making leather gloves to an internationally well-known brand and renowned for making quality, stylish protective motorcycle clothing for both men and women.

Richa Toulon 2 Ladies Jacket Features

Elbow, Shoulder and Back Protectors

There is D30 protection in the shoulders, elbow and back which come as standard with the jacket. When I am wearing the jacket, I do not notice the protectors, they feel comfortable and because of their construction, they sit nicely against my body.

All the protectors are secured by their own velcro pockets and can be removed easily should you wish to take them out. 

This jacket would double up nicely as a jacket to wear in the evening. Not only is taking out the protectors quick and easy to do, but the jacket is stylish too and pairs up nicely with a pair of jeans. Perfect if you go touring on the bike, one less jacket to take with you when, as you know, luggage space on a bike is limited!

Connection Zip

Connector zip

There is a short connection zip on the inside back of the jacket so you can connect the jacket to a Richa pair of trousers. 

Alternatively you can purchase a Richa connector belt which you can loop through your bike trousers and thus zip the jacket to the belt.

Personally, I would like to see the connector zip go all the way round the jacket as I find this stops a draft going up my back when riding and keeps me that little bit warmer.


Inside zipped pocket
Outside front zipped pocket

The Toulon has four pockets, two zipped pockets on the outside and one zipped and one velcro fastening pocket on the inside. The zipped pocket on the inside is a handy size for your phone and is quite deep. 

The velcro pocket is a good size but I would prefer this to be zipped as anything in a non zipped pocket on a motorbike is vulnerable to falling out, I just make sure anything valuable is in one of the zipped pockets.

Stretch Panels

Stretch panels down the sides and arms

There are stretch panels down both sides of the jacket carrying on down the inside of the arms to the cuffs.

I really like these, they add flexibility to the jacket especially when leant over the bike riding, the jacket moves with you both.

Having the stretch panels also make the jacket comfortable to wear when off the bike too, you really do forget that you are wearing an armoured leather jacket!

For a complete list of features, visit Richa Toulon 2 ladies jacket

Richa Toulon 2 Ladies Jacket Construction


The outer shell of the jacket is made from 100% cow leather with the lining being 100% polyester. The Toulon is Class AA rated jacket conforming to EN17092 standards.

Care Instructions

Care instructions

As with most leather jackets, this is not a washable garment. I usually wipe the jacket down with a damp cloth when I get back from a ride out to keep it looking nice. I do make sure that it is completely dry before putting it away.

I regularly treat the jacket with a leather cream which helps to keep the leather supple. Richa do their own one Richa Leather Grease


Richa branding on top right shoulder

The branding on the Toulon is very subtle yet distinctive. All the zips are YKK with the main zip having a leather fob with a metal rivet with ‘R’ in the centre. The poppers on the waist, cuffs and collar are metal with ‘R’ in the centre.

‘Richa’ is embossed in the same colour as the jacket on the right shoulder as is ‘R’ just below the outer left pocket. 

Underneath the hood on the back of the jacket again is an embossed ‘R’ in the same colour as the jacket and embroidered onto the fabric hood is ‘Richa’. All very subtle branding yet add to the style of the jacket


The jacket comes in a superb range of sizes: 34 – 48.

I would suggest using the chart function on the website to help determine sizing.

I normally go up a size in a jacket as I like to wear layers underneath as I do feel the cold and when it’s really chilly I wear a heated vest underneath.


I knew when I first saw the Toulon 2 jacket that I really wanted to do a review as I was interested to see if a stylish looking jacket can offer you the protection you need when riding a bike.

I was not disappointed. Not only is the jacket Certified AA, it also comes with D30 back, shoulder and elbow protection. The flexibility of the armour makes this a very comfortable jacket to wear. In fact you don’t notice the armour, it just moves with your body and is especially comfortable when leant over the bike riding.

Personally, I would like to see the connection zip go all round the jacket but that is personal choice. The short connection zip certainly wouldn’t stop me from buying the jacket.

Because the Toulon 2 has been designed for women, it has the necessary stretch where us ladies need a bit of extra stretch and it is tailored too. 

The detailing on the arm is subtle yet stylish, you can tell thought has gone into the jacket when it was being designed.

I also love the fact that this jacket can double up as a smart evening jacket especially when touring. The armour is quick and easy to take out and put back in.

Priced at £330, this is certainly a considered purchase, but you really are getting a lot for your money. As a quality AA rated leather jacket that is both stylish and offers you the protection you need when riding, I think the Toulon 2 is a great addition to your motorbike wardrobe.