Post turkey ride out

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A friend messaged and asked if we fancied a ride. Heck yes, definitely need a bike fix after all that turkey. Six of us met at the local petrol station and after the men looking at each other’s bikes (this seems to be a pre-requisite before every ride – I think it’s a man thing!) we set off.

Being the Christmas period we are limited in what is open so we ended up at the The Coffee House café in Butter Market, Thame again (not that we were complaining – roaring fire, full cooked brekkie and unlimited coffee, what’s not to like) and then we rode via Long Crendon and Oakley to On Yer Bike Aylesbury for a cuppa and a look at the bikes they had in stock.

OMG I sooo need a barn that I could fill with bikes, not necessarily new bikes but just bikes that I like the look of and could have fun riding. It would be so nice to go out in the morning and have the difficult decision of which bike to take 
out that day! A girl can dream!!!

The traffic today was really heavy so there was not much overtaking, I think a lot of people had gone out for the day after being stuck inside for the Xmas period. Still, we were out on the bikes and that’s all that matters.

The roads were damp in most places today meaning the bikes were absolutely filthy by the time we got home. Apparently my bike took an hour to clean but I had gone off shopping when we got back so when I got home my bike was washed and polished ready for the next outing so I can’t say for definite how long it took but I can tell you it does look shiny 🙂