First ride out of the year

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Hmm… drizzle, they didn’t mention drizzle! The forecast was cloudy with a little bit of sun and 9 degrees. It was definitely cloudy, the sun was nowhere to be seen and I would say it was more like 5 degrees. I was glad for my heated vest!

I decided to take the Z as it’s easier and more forgiving on slippery roads and it doesn’t seem right to get the MV all wet and dirty. Six of us met at the local petrol station and it was drizzling. After the obligatory study of each other’s bikes, we decided to head to Super Sausage at Potterspury, Towcester for brekkie. This is one of our favourite haunts as it offers great food and lots of bikes to look at and bikers to chat to. What more could you want!

We headed towards Aylesbury where the drizzle had now turned to rain and then picked up the A413 out through Whitchurch, Winslow and Padbury. This is a lovely flowing road with some great sweeping bends and I would thoroughly recommend it. When we reached Buckingham the rain had stopped and the roads had dried out considerably. We then picked up the A422 which took us to Stony Stratford and then we headed down the A5 into Potterspury.

The car park was quite full when we arrived, we couldn’t believe how many bikes there were for the time of year. There is always such a varied mix of bikes in the car park and it’s nice to have a drool over a bike or two and dream about what the next bike could be. There were a couple of really nice scooters and a very shiny and well looked after Honda 400 Four. Great to see classics out at this time of the year.

Super Sausage is an award winning biker cafe and is very popular. The queue for food was out the door but this is not uncommon and does, in fairness, move quite quickly and when you’re chit chatting to each other and other bikers it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting that long. We probably queued for about ten/fifteen minutes before we ordered our breakfasts. The food was, as always, cracking.

After brekkie, we went outside to have a wonder round the bikes. Some that were there when we arrived had left and new ones had arrived providing yet more conversation/debates between the guys.

Back to our bikes and we decided to find a nice little café in Wendover on the way home for a coffee. There was no room in the café when we arrived so we sat outside and one of us wasn’t wearing his correct base layers and was feeling the cold so wrapped himself in a blanket as you can see from the photo (a real hardened biker)! More obligatory looking at bikes took place, not sure what they find to look at each time, I think it was phone mounts on this occasion!

After a coffee (or two!) we headed home the long way via Hyde End, Chesham and Bovingdon.Another great ride out.


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