Not Quite Germany!!! Part 2

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So the following day we decided to head to Abergavenny in Wales going via Ross-on-Wye. 

The o/h decided to use the sat nav. It’s a bike specific sat nav and, apparently, there is a ‘for a thrill’ route option so he opted for this and decided to see where it would take us expecting sweeping bends and twisty corners.

Well the roads it took us on were definitely not thrilling, the roads were getting narrower and narrower until finally one had grass growing down the middle and we were being hit by overgrown branches from hedges on both sides.

We finally got to a main road and turned the sat nav off. I can tell you no thrills were found on that route!

Having finally reached Abergavenny we parked up and found somewhere for coffee and food (you guys are going to think I have a caffeine addiction).

Coming back from Abergavenny, we stumbled across this fantastic road that took us via Hereford and through some cracking scenery. I often think you find the best roads by not following a sat nav, we certainly were!

Come Wednesday we headed to Chepstow along a fairly okay ‘ish road, nothing exciting. We were sitting having a coffee (that surprised you didn’t it) and a couple of bikers sat down for a coffee too (see it’s not just me!) and we started chatting, as you do.

Well, best chat ever! They told us about this biker cafe called The Steel Horse which is a biker-friendly licensed café, set near Abergavenny in the heart of Monmouthshire serving freshly cooked food along with hot tea and cold beer – sounds just like my kind of place.

The bikers also told us about these two roads we needed to go on to get to The Steel Horse which were the B4293 out of Chepstow to Usk and then the B4598 to the Steel Horse cafe. OMG the roads were amazing, it had twisties and tight left/right handers, long sweeping bends and a few long straights.

We found the cafe and after some food, okay, alright, and a coffee!, we decided to head back down the same road and have another go. It honestly was the best road and such fun.

To make our way back to where we staying we decided to ride up the Wye Valley and across the Forest of Dean on another good windy A road. That was the best day’s riding so far with the best roads we had found and was finished off perfectly by walking to the pub for dinner and a beer.

So Thursday was our last day before heading home and I decided it was definitely a cake day. I needed a cake fix. We headed towards Evesham and as we were riding through we spotted a bike garage with a few classic bikes on the forecourt so we parked up and went and had a look and a chat with the owner.

Back on the bikes we carried on to Broadway which is another pretty little village. After parking up and wondering around for a bit looking for a suitable place for cake, we stumbled across what my o/h described as ‘a little old lady tea room’!

Well you can imagine the faces when we walk in with our leathers and helmets but we held our heads high and found a table in the corner. We ordered a very delightful afternoon tea to share which consisted of a pot of tea, sandwiches, a slice of cake and scone with jam and cream #JamFirst.

I had finally got my cake and can honestly say I felt much better. I had definitely been lacking cake!

We carried on out of Broadway up Fish Hill to go and see Broadway Tower. Well, Fish Hill as it turned out, was another amazing road and had even tighter twisties and bends than yesterday’s road and was about a mile long. OMG such fun. We passed a couple of bikers going the opposite way who looked like they were having fun too.

At the top we found Broadway Tower and after stopping for a look we decided to go back down Fish Hill again and then when we got to the bottom, went round the roundabout and back up and down again and passed the two bikers from earlier who had the same idea as us!

Friday was our day for heading home and after packing up and loading the bikes we set off. This time we did finally manage to stop in Burford for brunch which, by the way, was well worth the wait.

We had a brilliant week away and found some great roads, would definitely recommend a visit to Gloucester.