Super Sunday Ride Out

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So I had planned a Sunday ride out with some mates. Woke up in the morning and it was raining. Nooooo!!! 

Luckily it stopped about 7 and by the time we met at 9 the roads had more or less dried out and most importantly the sun was shining.

Six of us set off and we decided that as cafes, restaurants etc. were now opening up, that we would head to Super Sausage Cafe at Potterspury, Nr Towcester to start with.

We headed to Aylesbury and then picked up the A413 out through Weedon, Whitchurch and into Winslow. Surprisingly there wasn’t much traffic on the road but I suppose it was early ‘ish for a Sunday morning!

We carried on out of Winslow to Buckingham and then headed on the A422 to Old Stratford and then hopped onto the A5 for the last little blat to Potterspury.

The roads out this way are a mixture of twisties and long sweeping bends with a few long straights so there’s quite a good mix of roads to keep everyone happy.

We pulled into Super Sausage and parked up. This weekend was the first weekend Super Sausage was open since lockdown and I must admit I didn’t even think we were going to get in the car park. It was lucky we were early as there was a fair few bikes already there but not as many as I thought there would be. It got very busy later on.

As well as the cafe being open, the Pit Stop in the car park was open too so we ordered some bacon baps and coffee and grabbed a table. I can honestly say it was like being at a bike show, there was a constant stream of bikes coming and going, it was great to watch.

After we finished eating we had a wonder around the bikes and had a little drool over the bikes we would like to take home with us. For me, I need a barn and a fair few pennies for all the bikes that caught my eye today, both of which I am lacking!

It is so nice to see places opening again and I really enjoyed wondering around and chatting to people, I have really missed this part of biking. It doesn’t seem to matter who you are or what you ride, other bikers are happy to chat with you.

After quite some time, we decided it was time to jump back on the bikes and find another coffee stop.

We pretty much followed the same route back as far as Whitchurch and then we turned right and headed through Oving and Pitchcott and then picked up the A41 through Waddesden and Westcott and then onto the Bicester Road through Ludgershall and Oakley back to Thame, this is another lovely flowing road with some great bends. 

The traffic had certainly got a lot busier by this time which for me, makes for some good overtaking opportunities and I was having great fun.

When we got to Thame I realised that I was down to one widget of fuel left and that one widget had been on it’s own for a while now so I was pretty much running on vapours. 

Normally I fill up before we set off in the morning but clearly I had completely forgotten this morning!

So with the tank now full, we set off again to Wendover for a much need coffee to a little cafe we found which is tucked away in a back street which does amazing cakes and coffee. It is a favourite stop for us before heading home.

A really great ride out today, thoroughly enjoyed that. I hadn’t realised just how much I had missed the social side of biking.

Hopefully I will catch up with some of you guys at a coffee stop.