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BMW R100

I had the pleasure of meeting Dom from Lucky Lane Cycles for a chat over coffee and cake and a look at bikes – what a perfect way to spend a few hours 🙂

Dom, who is a builder by trade, started Lucky Lane Cycles some two years ago now. Dom has always had a passion for bikes and tinkering with them and what started out as a hobby, is now taking over more and more of Dom’s time and he has now reduced the days he works building so he can put more time into building up Lucky Lane Cycles which is something he has always wanted to do.

Parked out the front were three bikes that Dom has been working on, all three happen to be BMW’s but Dom does work on all makes. The BMW R100 is more or less ready for an MOT, Dom is just finishing off the brakes and then it will be ready to go.

I particularly like the exhaust on the R100, it has been fabricated to resemble an exhaust wrap by welding on what looked to me to be dimple finish insulation, I thought it was really different and cool looking.

The seat was custom designed and made too and looks retro old skool and very cool too 🙂

The next two in line for Dom’s handiwork are a K1100RS and an R80RT.

Pretty much all of the work that goes into transforming the bike from start to finish is completed by Dom, probably 95%, the remaining work goes out to other specialists, for example, the paint work will go to a local body shop and the frames are powder coated by a local business too.

Dom sees himself as a bike builder, he will take a standard bike and custom design the way he wants it to look himself. Having had no specific training, Dom has learnt a lot from YouTube and Google and is not afraid to ring a friend for advice or guidance if he is unsure about anything.

Dom is no stranger to stripping and rebuilding an engine, changing a clutch or cleaning the carbs and putting them back together. Depending on the new design for the bike, the frame may need modifying too and this is something Dom will do himself.

ZX6R Front Forks

Designing and manufacturing specific bikes parts is something Dom relishes in the challenge of. The front forks on the R100 have been replaced with Kawasaki front forks off a ZX6R but they did not quite fit so Dom designed himself and had manufactured by Linton Precision Engineers in Aylesbury, spacers to make them fit and what a beautiful piece of engineering they are too.

You can tell by the feel and workmanship that a lot of time and effort went into the design process and to see them on the bike and solving the problem must surely be a huge personal achievement. I know I am in awe of people who can look at a problem and come up with a design that will not only solve the problem but also looks incredible too.

Dom’s vision for his bikes is for them to be displayed in a bike showroom to garner the interest they rightly deserve and if someone would like to buy one of his bikes then that is an added bonus for Dom, a lot of the pleasure Dom gains from his bikes is in the design and build of them.

You can see lots more pictures on Dom’s Instagram and Facebook pages and see for yourself the transformation of the bikes and the work that goes into them – @lucky_lane_cycles

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you Dom, thank you for your time, hoodie, mug and especially the cake 😉


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