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It was a crisp sunny Sunday morning and I had a need to get out on the bike for a ride so the other half and I decided to head to Super Sausage Cafe in Potterspury, Nr Towcester for a coffee.

Did I mention it was crisp – yep it was a chilly morning but I was very glad to have my heated vest and heated grips.

Super Sausage Cafe
Super Sausage Cafe

We headed to Aylesbury and then picked up the A413 out through Weedon, Whitchurch and into Winslow. There is a pub in Winslow called The Bell which does the most amazing carvery Sunday lunches – we have been known on the way back from a ride to stop here – to save me cooking dinner was my excuse 😉 but I have to warn you the portions are large so getting back on the bike and leaning forward after you’ve eaten is slightly unpleasant but so worth it!

We carried on out of Winslow to Buckingham and then headed on the A422 to Old Stratford and then hopped onto the A5 for the last little blat to Potterspury.

The roads out this way are a mixture of twisties and long sweeping bends with a few long straights so there’s quite a good mix of roads to keep everyone happy.

Super Sausage Cafe

Having arrived at Super Sausage we parked up and had a look at the other bikes in the car park. There is always something and someone interesting to look at / talk to. This is one of the best bits about riding for me, the social side – just chatting to people.

One thing I love about the biking community is that it doesn’t seem to matter who you are or what you ride, it is the fact that you ride that brings us together.

As all cafes etc are takeaway only at the moment, we ordered our coffee and, as we hadn’t had breakfast, we also had bacon baps and stood outside and ate and drank. The sun was shining, we had ridden our bikes there, we had coffee and bacon – perfect.

After an hour or so we decided to head home via a coffee stop so headed back down the A5 and got back on the A422. When we set off earlier the roads were a bit damp in places but by the time we left Super Sausage the roads had completely dried up and I was really enjoying the roads and my bike.

I find the more I ride, the more I need to ride. I get huge satisfaction from riding and I find it really clears my head. Quite often if I’ve had a heavy day at work I will get home, get my bike out and go for a ride. I always feel so much better when I get home again.

Adding air to find the hole

So we had come out of Winslow and were about half way to Whitchurch when the o/h says over the intercom that something is not right with his bike so we find a suitable stopping place and pull over. The rear tyre on the CB is flat. Bugger.

The o/h carries a puncture repair kit on his bike (me, I carry a mobile phone and have RAC cover!)

We couldn’t see anything in the tyre nor locate where the hole in the tyre was so the o/h used one of the air cannisters to put some air back in the tyre and we were able to see where the hole was.

The o/h then put a plug in the tyre and used the remainder of the air cannisters to get some air back in the tyre. We then took it steady to the nearest garage which was luckily only a couple of miles away and used their air pump to pump the tyre up to it’s normal pressure.

Plugging the tyre

We then had a steady ride home – no coffee stop 🙁 ! The air in the tyre was staying in which was good.

The following morning I took it to the chap that looks after our cars and bikes, Rob at Underwood Automotive, and asked him if he could check the tyre was okay and repair the puncture properly.

Unfortunately, whatever had punctured the tyre had torn the inside wall of the tyre and it was irreparable. Gulp! At least the tyre was half worn I suppose!

When the bike was ready to be collected the o/h took me in the car to the garage so I could pick it up. Well, when we pulled into the garage forecourt the clutch went on the car!! Double gulp!!

I suppose if you’re going to break down then breaking down at the garage is actually a really good place for it to happen. A friend of ours was at the garage too so my o/h got a lift home in a ‘69 Camaro and I took the CB for a ride to get some miles on the tyre!

Running the new tyre in  😉

So our ride to Super Sausage for a coffee cost a new back tyre on the bike and a clutch in the car. I have to say, although it was hugely expensive, it was still a great ride!


Super Sausage Cafe

Underwood Automotive

The Bell Hotel

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it.


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