Sunny Sunday Ride Out

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Whoo hoo!!! Sunday morning and the sun was shining and there were barely any clouds in the sky. It was touch and go all week with the weather and the latest storm heading our way as to whether we were going to be able to get out for a ride at the weekend. 

It had been a whole month since we last got out on the bikes and I was suffering withdrawal symptoms! Four of us met at the local petrol station and headed off towards Oxford. 

We headed to Wendover, through Great Kimble and out of Thame. The roads were dry and the recent rain we’d had, had washed the salt away, it was a little on the chilly side but it was soooo good to be out on the bikes.

The closer we got to Thame the more standing water there was in the fields and they were like mini lakes rather than fields. Made me realise that even though we’d had a lot of rain this past month, we have actually been quite lucky here and got off quite lightly compared to other parts of the country.

We arrived at H Cafe and there were a few bikes there, probably around 25 which is really good for the time of year. We had a little wonder round the bikes and there was a Suzuki 750 (I don’t know what the model is but I’m sure one of you will be able to tell me) and a Kawasaki ZXR750 both in really great liveries. Put it this way, they were so nice that I actually took a picture of them both.

There was also an old Ural 750 with a side car which looked to be in pristine condition, obviously a very well cared for machine. Alongside it was a rather old Moto Guzzi, again in lovely condition in, what I would call, an army green colour.

We went inside and had some brekkie and a rather large quantity of coffee whilst sitting watching and listening to bikes coming and going.

After brekkie we went back outside into the car park and just as we had stepped outside there was the arrival of a group of riders that had come from the Ace Cafe in London of maybe 40/45 bikes.

The noise was brilliant and we were just standing there watching them all coming in and ooing and ahhing over the bikes.

Of course with the new arrivals we had to have a look round just so we could decide what bikes we would put in our imaginary man cave at the bottom of the garden although the way I’m going, I’m going to need an aircraft hangar to get all mine in (oh, and an awful lot of pennies……!)

Next door to H Café is Infinity Motorcyles so, as it would be rude not to, I left the guys looking at the bikes and popped in to have a little look around. I like to have look to see what new products are out or upgraded versions of what I have. Unfortunately they had lots of things in there that were tempting me! 

They had a good range of women’s clothing in both leather and textile and a fairly good range of boots too. Even though I don’t actually need new bike gear at the moment, there was a jacket that was tempting me ……

As the sun was still shining we decided we weren’t ready to go home so decided to go for a ride to find a cafe for coffee and cake. We headed back the way we came and stopped in Wendover at Whitewaters Deli Cafe. The cakes there are delicious and they went rather well with coffee.

When we got home the bikes were filthy and took a bit of cleaning and polishing (or so I understand), I just park up in the drive and next thing I know, my bike is all clean and shiny ready for next time 🙂

A great day of riding – great roads, great mates, sun, coffee and cake – what more do you need!