Not Spain & Portugal! Part 2

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So we were coming to the end of our not Spain trip in Wales before heading down to Cornwall.

We wanted to go back to Devils Bridge (we had stopped there earlier in the week but it was so busy we decided to leave it for another day). The weather was not looking good but we set off with the intention of playing it by ear.

As we were riding it started to rain and we got as far as Llandridod Wells it started to rain really heavily so we decided to seek shelter in a cafe for a late breakfast and a few cups of coffee whilst waiting for the rain to ease.

We set off again and although the roads were wet it was still a good ride and the scenery along the way is lovely.

Having arrived at Devil’s Bridge and parked up, it started to rain again so we took shelter in the pub and had another coffee (and, I’m not sure how it happened, but a slice of gin and blueberry cheesecake with ice cream appeared with my coffee and it would have been very rude to turn it away so I had to eat it!)

When the rain had eased we paid the entrance fee and took a walk along the nature trail, waterfalls and three bridges. It was a lovely walk but there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of very uneven steps (I believe the lady on the entrance said about 700 steps) but we just took our time and enjoyed the views and scenery as we went along.

By the time we had finished the walk it was raining again so we decided to go back to the cottage and chill in the summer house with a beer but stopping on the way via the quirky tea shop in Welshpool, The Bay Tree Vintage Tea Room, for a gorgeous slice of Snickers cake and a rather large pot of tea. I am so going to have to diet when I get home and I haven’t been to Cornwall yet – eek!

The following morning we were riding down to Sennen in Cornwall which is basically Lands End, some 320 miles! We set off at 7 am and it was really, really cold. We only rode for 60 miles before we stopped for a coffee to warm ourselves up a bit and it worked really well because we didn’t then stop again until services on the M4 when we needed fuel and we grabbed another coffee here too and got on our way again.

By the time we got to Okehampton my bottom was absolutely killing me! We parked the bikes and just walked up and down for a bit to get some feeling back in our legs and for the pain in my bum to subside! We found a pub and had a long lunch and a cuppa or two!

The final stop was at Penzance where we fuelled up and had a drink before the final jaunt to Sennen. We arrived about 3 o’clock, parked and unloaded the bikes, made a cuppa and then chilled for the rest of the day. I slept well that night I can tell you.

That was a lot of riding in one day but it was good riding. Although it was cold, the roads were dry and it wasn’t raining.

Sunday we did no riding at all, just walked along the coastal path to Lands End and then back into Sennen for coffee and cake (that surprised you didn’t it!) A nice chill day was just what we needed after the ride yesterday!

The following morning was a misty start to the day but it had cleared by 9 o’clock so we rode along the coastal rode into St Ives. This was a very twisty and at points narrow road but it was very scenic and way better than riding along the main road. We wound our way to the harbour car park in St Ives and sat on the harbour wall in the sunshine eating a pasty and drinking coffee. What a perfect way to spend your day – biking, eating and drinking coffee!

After lunch we rode to Marazion. We were hoping the tide would be out so we could walk over to St Michael’s Mount but it was most definitely in so we found a lovely little tea shop and had afternoon tea and most enjoyable it was too #JamFirst

After wondering around Marazion for a while it started to rain so we hopped back on the bikes and rode back home for a beer and to dry out!

The next day the sun was shining and it was lovely blue skies so we rode the bikes to Lands End to have our photo taken at the famous sign post. It’s so beautiful at Lands End, the views are amazing and there are a few things to see and do too.

After having our photo taken and as it was such a lovely day, we rode to Porthcurno and had a wander down to the beach followed by a coffee in the Telegraph Museum cafe (okay, it may have been two coffees); then rode to Penwith beach (no coffee here); then to Lamorna Cove which was absolutely stunning and we sat and ate a late lunch overlooking the cove; then off to Penzance where we parked up and had a wander around (and coffee) and then on the way back we stopped in Newlyn for an ice cream. Absolutely no cake was consumed at all today!

The end of our holiday had arrived 🙁

Unfortunately the day we were riding home there was heavy rain and winds forecast. I was hoping like mad that they would have got the forecast wrong but for once it was spot on. We set off early in our waterproofs and only got as far as Penzance before stopping for a coffee and to psyche ourselves up for the ride ahead.

I can honestly say I never ridden in such strong winds before and I can honestly say I never want to again. It was horrendous especially going over the moors where you are so exposed. The spray from the traffic was not nice at all and I was constantly wiping my visor to gain some visibility from the rain.

I was not enjoying the ride at all. My waterproofs, as it it turned out, are not waterproof and I was soaked to the skin. My gloves were not waterproof (I had mistakenly gone away in my summer gloves) so my hands were not only wet but they were cold too.

We stopped at services a few times for fuel, coffee and a warm up and left a little puddle of water where we had been standing each time. Going for a pee was fun too as everything was just so wet and trying to pull up wet leathers is not fun I can tell you. It’s just ewww!

Eventually we made it home, 350 odd miles in heavy wind and rain. Not a pleasant journey but we did it, the bikes were brilliant and we made it home safe. I lit the fire and literally sat in front of it all night trying to warm myself up.

What an absolutely fabulous trip. We found some great biking roads, ate lots, drank a bit and had a great time. Bikes, great mates, great food, great time – perfect 🙂